Who is Vathsan 2.0

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Vathsan's 2.0 Version

The Year 2025

While people at the age of 17 ask parents for money, here is a guy who earns crores working in his comfortable home office.

Vathsan is a Digital Entrepreneur, Avid Reader, Passionate Blogger and Writer, helping small businesses scale faster with the power of the Internet.

Home Office

Vathsan’s Home Office

He creates websites and a brand that stays in the customer’s heart for lifelong intended for businesses that would have never thought of going online.

Website Creation and Branding

Website Creation

When enquiring about the pushing force that pushed him. He says, “The motivational force behind me is the interest towards my work which I call the fire ignited by my parents and my mentors.”

When asking him, what is the key to his success? He says that the Balance between School and his work is the key to his success. Vathsan is a Topper in his school and he actively engages in competitions.

He has also authored a book named “Winning Mantras” at the tender age of 12. You can buy his book by clicking here.

He is also famous for sharing the stage with popular Digital Personalities like Digital Deepak, Siddharth Rajsekar, Sanjay Shenoy, Sorav Jain, Gaurav Gurbaxani and many others.

He is a Public Speaker

He has a team of like-minded people working with him on his mission who are scattered around the world.

He says, “I have never seen anyone of them physically, we are connected virtually.”

He blogs about Motivation, Book Reviews, and Online Legit Money Making Ways in his Website.

His vision is to craft a world with Smart People and make the future generation exit the bookish way of learning. He mentions that the world has evolved but the textbooks have not.

He has partnered with Learn Today for creating an Internship Program for folks under 18, teaching them Leadership skills and Marketing Strategies.

He shows interest towards the Stock Market and has a portfolio of over 10 crores in his portfolio of stocks and mutual funds.

He also believes that working for money is a foolish thing to do.

Instead, he recommends to make money work for you. Let money grow into more and more money.


Investments allow your money to grow fast and efficient.

He is an IIT aspirant. Vathsan tells us that he is up to study Computer Science at IIT and then proceed for studying Digital Marketing at IIM.

Vathsan is also an active donator. He donates about 10 lakhs a year and has his own Charity based NGO named ‘Let’s Help’, this foundation’s main motive is to feed those on the roads.

Vathsan’s Back Story

Vathsan hails from a Middle-Class Family in Chennai. He says that he has been fantasized by the way money works.

When he was exposed to more and more information about digitalization and other forms of money, Vathsan became keener on those things.

He started his first blog in the year 2020, exactly when the pandemic hit India.

He says, “I didn’t know what to do at that point of time. My school was just shut down. I was bored and that is why I started my blog.”

He also adds that when he started, he didn’t know that he could earn money from the blog.

He was not consistent with his blog as the school started.

But 2021 was a miracle for him, he got his consistency and there was no looking back.

He skyrocketed with success and started earning 3 lakh per month with his blog by affiliate marketing and displaying Google ads.

He then thought about the need for websites for offline businesses.

He got a few clients at the start, then the word of mouth and his personal branded website started generating leads for him.

Everything after is history.

Now, Vathsan earns 5 crores per year. He is on the list of Richest young Indians.

While asking about his plans for the future, he says, “I am also going to provide my services to the brands that have been established earlier. I will be more focused on my personal brand ________. I will also work 121 with my students for making their blog a success”.

His Favorite Quote is “Life will not give exactly what you demand but it will give you in the form of opportunities.”

Vathsan lives up to this quote and utilized the opportunities that knocked his door. If you utilized the opportunities that knock your door, you will also be successful.

We are signing off this blog post by congratulating Vathsan for his Accomplishments done and the Accomplishments to be done. Bye!!!

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