Top 7 Things that an Entrepreneurs must know before using Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing has many aspects in itself.

You may be already familiar with the term Digital Marketing.

Your Queries like

What is Digital Marketing? Should I outsource it or Should I hire a team? Should I use all the methods to reach my Audience or a single way?

These questions will be solved in this article.

You may have thought to implement Digital Marketing in your Business as well to increase your sales.

The list on your mind train goes on and on.

This article is for Entrepreneurs who are just about to set their journey in Entrepreneurship and for those who are just to start Digital Marketing.

This is where we are going to speak about 7 Important Stuffs you have to be aware, so that you don’t end up using Digital Marketing the wrong way.

Therefore, losing your money and wasting your time and efforts.

Without hesitation, let’s jump into the content.


  1. Digital Marketing is About Marketing



Many Entrepreneurs in the world are confused and they confuse people about Digital Marketing.

They tend to think that it’s all about Digital but it is not.

It is about Marketing and Digital is just a medium to do it.

Mediums change.

Very long back, word of mouth was the only way of marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Then came newspapers, Radio, and Television.

No one probably thought that there would be internet until 2000.

Now, we have Digital ways.

We don’t know what awaits for us in the future.

But for now, we know that Digital is the current trend.

First, we have to understand the basic of Marketing and I call it the law of marketing.


The Law of Marketing

The Law of Marketing

The Law of Marketing

You may think, “He is just using some fancy words to grab my attention.” And I say that’s true.

There’s not a law on it that is publicly exposed.

That was kept as a secret and we were made to believe something like below as marketing.

Marketing is a way to make very creative ads to sell your products.

But that’s not true.

Marketing is about building trust, Brand Awareness, and selling yourself and your emotions.

People can’t even trust people around them. Then, how could they trust strangers?

People who directly buy products after seeing ads are very less because researching the Internet has been easier.

It is not like the older days, where you can’t see reviews of the product but only the ads.

It is the Digital Era and people research. The easy times when companies market and earn easily are gone.

So, what’s the law.

The law is to create a perception of your product, not a good perception but a great one.

But the problem is here, how do you attract customers so that you can build a perception that is great.

People are very much set to the brands they use.

Do you ever buy a different soap or a toothpaste instead of the one which you use?

And the answer from most of us would be a strong NO.

If you try out products in the market, you may even find better products than what you use.

Human Psychology

Human Psychology

But we don’t and that is Human Psychology.

The key to do this is to give Freebies for the first time.

However, it is recommended by experts to give a customer the product for three times free.

What if you couldn’t afford to give your product for free, simple, then give a huge discount.

When you create a routine of habits. You reinforce it.

If your product is great, then no problem. After giving freebies. People will want to have that again and again.

Thus, creating more revenue.

Fun fact for your brain: – Real Marketing starts before the product is created and is continued even after transaction.

Marketing before the creation of a product is creating Brand Awareness and creating a hype for that product.

It also includes customer research so that we can make the product to fit the customer.

Here is a quote from Marketing Guru.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product fits them well that it sells itself. The motive of marketing is to make the selling easy. – Peter Drucker

Customer Research is all about researching what the customer needs, feels and reacts to your product.

I recommend a free tool called Make my Persona from Hubspot. You can access it by clicking here.

Many companies end their support after sales and that’s wrong.

If you break the support after the transaction, they are more likely to spread a negative information about your company in their community.

And that will reduce your potential consumers.


Companies should let their hand to support customers who have bought a product from you so that you can retain a customer.

Thus, they can convert low-ticket clients to high-ticket clients.

Imagine your company as a bike.

Marketing is the only the Kickstarter of the bike.

And customers are the Engine which keeps the bike or company running.

The use of Kickstarter is to start the engine, not to run the engine forever.

Once, your marketing has created a customer base and trust like the engine has started.

Then, there is no use of kick-starting (marketing), after the engine has started and is successfully running.

Marketing should end after the company has established a strong market position.


Some books to read about marketing.


Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy. Click here to get this book

Marketing: The Brian Tracy Success Library. Click here to get this book

Scientific Advertising by Claude C Hopkins – Click here to get this book

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman – Click here to get this book


Why you Should know Marketing


There is a very big misbelief that entrepreneurs should work on the company and product and hire a marketing team to market.

Let us go to the previous example, saying that the company is a bike.

Would you want your new bike to be started by your friend or would you want it to be started by you yourself?

It is the same.

An entrepreneur must be a marketer or know how to ride a bike (company).

It is also because that it is rooted in the Human Psychology.

Means change but the structure of message doesn’t change.

At least, you should know how to strategize your marketing options.

So that, your team can implement the strategies.


Marketing is all about Communication


Communication has the power

Now, you have thought to strategize.

But you have a mind block, you say, “I am weak in English or any other language my audience speak”.

Communication is not about speaking English with high vocabs or speaking fancy words.

Never confuse Communication skills with Language skills.

Communication is just a vehicle to send your message to your audience.

If you are writing an ad copy, is not necessary that it should be spilled with vocabs.

Do you want your audience to check a dictionary while reading your ad copy?


You don’t want them to do that right.

Even if you can write an ad copy like that, audience won’t like it.

The key is to keep it simple.

Simplicity is about breaking complexity.

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Some bonuses from my side to improve your communication


Talk more frequently in front of a mirror.

Write as you talk or Don’t Vomit Vocabs.

We write very professional English.

It is not our mistake.

It is plainly because schools trained us like that.

Our teachers awarded us extra marks for vomiting vocabs in a paragraph.

But, people are going to reject it. Even if it is worthy to them.

So, keep it simple.

Keep your own journal.

Watch Ted Talks.





We have seen that the purpose of marketing is to create a strong brand.

People don’t remember the brand easily.

But they can remember a tagline easily.

For example, what if I say Noodles in 2 minutes.

What comes into your mind?

It is definitely Maggi.

That is where they have captured a category leadership.

Capturing leadership in a category is very important.

If you can’t capture the number 1 position in the market.

Then find a sub-category with the audience but that has not been covered by a brand yet.

Never have the desire of getting a tiny part of a large market.

Even if it is a smaller market, try to make it completely yours and dominate it.

100% of Grapes is better than 1% of a watermelon.


Numbers Speak


Some may have this question.

Ok man, I have decided to do marketing but how can I measure the success of my marketing campaigns?

That’s where Direct Response Marketing [DRM] comes into play.

DRM is a type of marketing that is designated to get an instant response from the audience.

It encourages prospects to take a specific action.

We can track the numbers from them.

Thus, measuring the metric which we wanted to measure.

Let’s say we have given an ad for selling a piece of land with our phone number to contact.

We can measure the success of the marketing campaign by the number of phone calls that come to us.

That is a very basic example that I could give you.

In the digital space, we can also track the number of users who are seeing the ad, who are clicking on it, the conversion rates and etc.


  1. Global Economics


What is Economics and How Does Economics Affect Business


Economics Impact your Business

You will be wondering, wherein the picture does Economics belong to.

Economics affects your business in every way.

For Example,

You provide your customer with a product that costs the customer 1 lakh rupees.

If a recession is happening, everyone will ignore to pay 1 lakh rupees on your product because the economy has affected them and in turn, it affects you.

Their main aim at that point in time would be to secure their job or if they are fired, they would want to be placed in a job again.


A car company may get parts of the car for a cheaper price, therefore the car price being reduced.

If a car company gets the same parts of a car for a higher price, they would certainly increase the price of the car.

So, it is important for you to learn Global Economics.

It also helps you to make the best decisions with money.

Recessions make strong companies survive and eliminate the companies that are weak in the market.

If more money is circulated, the economy is also more.


Some Books to read on Economics


Wealth of Nation by Adam Smith – Click here to buy it

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki – Click here to buy it

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Franklin – Click here to buy it

The Business of 21st Century by Robert T Kiyosaki – Click here to buy it

Currency Wars by James Rickards – Click here to buy it

Capital and Ideology by Thomas Picketty – Click here to buy it

The Death of Money by James Rickards – Click here to buy it

Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Picketty – Click here to buy it

Capital by Karl Marx – Click here to buy it


  1. Where to Focus


Entrepreneurs have been lost in the puzzle of finding where they have to provide their service / product.

Many, even it can be you, think that giving services to the developed Countries would improve your business.

But capturing a market position can be harder than compared to India.

Because we as Entrepreneurs are born in India and we know our country well than anyone else.

There is also another reason why not to focus on developed countries but on developing countries.

Developed Countries have the average age above 35 and most of the times, families are settled.

Thus, their expenses are not much.

But growing economies have larger expenses.

India’s average age is 28 years.

India’s average is also a factor of increasing expenses.

People at age of 28 years have many expenses and they are the age group who are trying to settle.

Thus, they purchase house, car and many other things to settle.

Accordingly, they cash out money.

Economy increases as the average age of the country goes up.

Because the spending capacity of the age group differs.

For example,

A man of 20 years spends less money than a man of 30 years who has a family.

Developing Countries have growing Economy.

So, it is best to focus on India.


India’s Economic Condition and Targeting


We say India is a diverse country, but is it really diverse in economic conditions.

It is.

But it is not scattered properly.

See the image attached below.

India Divisions

Source: – Sajith Pai

From the Picture above, it is very shocking that 12% of Indians hold 50% of India’s Wealth.

You can also see that 88% of India’s population only get ₹7,500 monthly earning.

It is not so good on focusing the India 3 at the starting.

Because you can’t serve such a large audience and keep your profits low since surviving with low profits is impossible.

And keeping your profits high can make your product to be ignored.

At first, our strategy should be offering products / services to India 1.

You must be wondering why this topic has fitted in this article.

I will say why.

When your target audience is everybody, then your target audience is nobody.

If you aim all the parts of a dartboard, then how can you strike the bull’s eye perfectly.


Target Audience

That is the same as the situation we are in.

Now, we have to sell to those who have buying power and India 1 has the buying power.

We have to focus on India 1 to provide our products, so that we can use the profits to provide services to India 2 and India 3.

The target audience which we specify in India 1 should have an internet connection and speak English.

And that is why Digital Marketing would help you reach out to them.

For this, we have to find where is India digitally.

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Where is India Digitally


It is important for us to know where India is in the Digital Space before using Digital Marketing.

If India has very few internet users, why should we use Digital Marketing?

India has about 2.3 Crore households using the Internet.

Taking an average of 5 members per house.

India has 11 Crore Internet Users.

It has been increased and will be increasing because of the Pandemic Effect.

It has created a situation where we can’t live without the internet.

That has created us, the marketers and entrepreneurs, an advantage.

We have found that there are about 11 crore internet users.

This is a very huge number.

We use Digital Marketing to increase the quality of leads or customers we get.

You may be wondering how to reach the remaining population.

That is where we have to use Traditional Marketing.


  1. Traditional Marketing is not Dead

Some Entrepreneurs may think that Traditional Marketing is dead and Digital Marketing is the only one alive.

You may be in the crowd thinking that Traditional Marketing is Dead.

Nothing can replace Traditional Marketing in a country like India.

Digital Marketing is not here to replace any kind of marketing.

Digital Marketing helps us to filter out high-quality customers.

It would be very silly to advertise an online learning platform through Traditional Marketing.

Because we will not be able to find good leads.

Traditional Marketing is used for FMCG products or generic products which a very wide audience.

While Using Traditional Marketing, we can reach a very wide audience cheaply.


How much can Traditional Marketing reach


TV ads can reach about 20 crore households out of 30 crore households.

TV ads have a reach of 80 to 100 crores audience.

But Digital Marketing has only 11 crore audience.

Radio has a reach of 65% of the population.

The newspaper has a reach of 46.5 crore people.


  1. CATT Funnel

CATT Funnel

CATT Funnel

You have decided to use digital marketing in your business, but how do you get your customers.

Because people don’t just believe in advertisements shown on Social Media.

That’s where the CATT funnel comes into ease.

Every building should have a strong foundation.

Similarly, every Marketing Campaign should have a structure.

And the structure is the CATT funnel.

This is a magic funnel where you put leads at the top and you get money at the bottom.

This funnel is comprised of

  • Content
  • Attention or Traffic
  • Trust
  • Transaction

I also call it the A Triple T funnel.

Each part of the funnel filters out potential customers.

Let us explore the funnel now.




Gone are the times when people ask people.

Whenever we don’t know a thing, we just search for it.

Consumers go across the web to find content for various reasons.

Most of the time people search only to pass their time or to solve their problems.

And we as businesses, are not going to focus on the people who scroll the web for fun.

We are focusing on the people who search the web for informative purposes.

We provide them content that they can consume.

The idea for the content comes to us when we decide who is our audience.

You can’t feed fishes cookies just because you like it.

You have to feed it with what it likes.

The same implies to the audience.

You can’t give your customers the content you like.

You need to give content that provokes the interest of the customer.

Content can be in any format.

Major disbelief is that content should be only blogs or writings only.

But it can be anything useful.

Like Videos, Blog posts, useful Emails, Live Webinars, Offering Lead Magnets for free in exchange of the customer’s contact details, etc.

The content given should be only half useful, and the remaining half information should be given when they purchase a product from us.


Traffic or Attention


You have decided to make content.

But what if you don’t get attention to your content.

These days, attention is the most valuable asset you can get from your audience.

Because people get distracted due to notifications from various apps and their attention span is very less.

Creating Content and waiting for it to be seen is very incorrect.

We have to drive traffic to our content.

Driving Traffic can be ridiculously hard if we don’t know how to do it.

Some things to do while driving traffic to your site or channel where your content is placed

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Readability
  • Create Evergreen Content.
  • Paid Ads

The above two processes are fully beneficial for our target audience.

The next two steps: – Trust and Transaction are beneficial for us.




We wrote content and drove traffic to it.

But what about the sales part.

For that, we have to build trust.

In traditional marketing, trust is built by the communication of the salesperson.

In digital ways, trust is built by the content we provide.

The reason for only giving half the content is not to make people buy the product.

It is to show them that your company is knowledgeable.

It is to show them your product will be useful for them.

Building trust is the hardest part in the funnel.

If you do it right, then your business would skyrocket in revenue as well as reputation.

To build trust, we need to be running in their mind.

We can be in their mind by retargeting, Marketing Automation and tripwires etc.





After we do these steps right, what we want is money.

And we have to do sales in the natural method of sales.

The next step we have to do is to maintain the trust we have created with our customers.

Maintaining trust is a bit harder than building trust.

It is the same as building a house and maintaining it.

Remember maintaining trust is harder than building trust.


  1. Integrated Digital Marketing


Have you heard the below saying?

United we stand, divided we fall.

I am sure that you would have heard it before as a moral saying.

Digital Marketing methods are like sticks.

If it is divided, it fails.

If they are united, they work. A simple strategy

But why don’t all entrepreneurs get results using Digital Marketing.

It is because they try a method first, then say it doesn’t give me results.

Then, they try another method and complain saying that it doesn’t give me results.

They miss a point.

The point is we have to plan an approach to implement the methods such that each method complements every other method.


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Components of Digital Marketing


Like buildings are made up of bricks, Digital Marketing is Made up of majorly 6 components.

There are many more components but these 6 are the major components.

The major 6 components are: –

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display Ads
  • Content Marketing

Let us dive deeper into all of these major 6 components.




SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization.

There are two main parts in SEO.

They are On page SEO and Off Page SEO.

SEO is only for Blogs and Videos.

Let us move to On Page SEO first.

This type of SEO is what that is in our hand.

On Page SEO is about optimizing your page for Search Engines.

You may be wondering how can you do SEO for videos.

And that is why we have description for videos.

The description box is where we have to write content that is discussed in the video.

But the problem here is that many people research everything and write a content that is optimized for Search Engine.

It should be optimized for the Audience first and not the other way round.

If you are optimizing it for the Search Engines, it would be just pouring keywords into your article or the description.

And your audience will dislike your content.

That means, your rankings will go low even if you have done good SEO.

Let us now move to Off Page SEO.

Off-page SEO is the way most search engines use to find the reliability of our content.

It can’t be done by the content creators as On page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is measured by the number of backlinks, social media shares etc.

The main problem with SEO is that it is very hard to find keywords and rank.

Another Problem with SEO is that over time, search engines prefer content that is new.

Because search engines want their users to get the latest updated content.

SEO gives result in the long term run and not in the short term run.

That’s why marketers moved from SEO to SEM.




SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing while PPC stands for Pay per click.

The advantage of SEM or PPC is that they give instant results.

The process was simple.

You pay search engines a particular amount to rank your content on No. 1 for a particular keyword per click.

Many Marketers switched to SEM, sensing the opportunity.

But as the keyword got crowded. The competition for that keyword shooted up.

Sometimes, the PPC cost for a keyword is as high as $40.

That made SEM a disadvantage for marketers due to high cost of acquisition.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Now, marketers wished to have their own tribe.

The key was Email Marketing.

They got their leads by providing lead magnets.

In Email Marketing, some succeeded and some failed.

The reason of success is that marketers added value to their audience while marketing.

In a survey, successful email marketers sent only 1 marketing email in 5 emails they send.

They provided value in the 4 emails.

That made their audience consume even the marketing email.

But unsuccessful email marketers spammed their leads with promotional email.

Thus, their leads unsubscribed from their email list.


Social Media Marketing


Next, marketers used Social Media to market their products.

But, the problem here is, the target audience in the Social Media Platforms are not there for viewing informative Content.

They were in Social Media just to have fun.

They didn’t care for the ads placed.

Even, if they see, they just scrolled down.


Display Ads


Now, marketers sensed that ads should be kept where people search for information.

This time, they kept their ads in sites where there was content already.

But, the audience were very clever.

We, as Audience, installed ad blockers.

This became a major pain point for advertisers.


Content Marketing


It is a form of marketing where you provide valuable content with an action step.

The action step is a trigger to buy your product/service.

Marketers can sell their services to customers without having a block.

But the major problem with content marketing is that with no traffic towards the content, the sales would be 0.

Thus, this one was also a failure.

But using content marketing with the other 5 methods leads to success.

And that is the formula for success using digital marketing.


The Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

This is the integrated Digital Marketing Framework.

Your head must be spinning round because of the image.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you.

Now, as we know the purposes of the methods.

We are going to know the flow.

Let us start with SEO.




SEO leads the user from search engines to your content.

Similarly, the time the user spends on your content affects your SEO.

The keywords that you use in the content also affect SEO.

Next is Social Media Marketing.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You promote your content on Social Media.

Some People visit your site from Social Media.

People share your site on Social Media with their friends.

This, in turn, increases the credibility of your content.

Next is Email Marketing.


Email Marketing


You have your basic list of Email Audiences.

You send to your Audience that you have published content on your site.

People come from reading your emails to your site.

New audience who find your content interesting subscribe to your newsletter.

So, you have newer audience.

Next is Paid Ads


Paid Ads


You advertise it on google for your content and to join your newsletter.

You get newer audience.




You promote products to your Email List and in your content.

People see that and Convert.


  1. Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Do you want to speak to a logo or do you want to hear from it?

That’s how ridiculous it sounds when you only use your brand name to speak with your customers.

You must have noticed when you subscribe to a company’s email list that you will get a response or an email from a person.

Even though it is an automated email, it usually has a sender name structure like Name @ Company.

That is because of Human Behavior and Human Psychology.

We want to speak with humans.

There arises the need for Personal Branding.

When you have a personal brand, you can connect with your audience better.

What if you want to start another business?

Would you want to build that company from scratch?

No, right.

If you have a personal brand, you can be an influencer or a brand ambassador for your own company.

The advantages are: –

  • It can’t be duplicated, because you are your personal brand. No one can duplicate you.
  • A Personal Brand can give rise to other brands that are managed by you.


Evolution of Personal Brand or Mass Trust Blueprint

masstrust blueprint

Mass trust Blueprint

There are 6 steps that you have to follow in order to become a Personal Brand.

Becoming a personal Brand is no simple task because you become an expert in the field at last of this process.


The Six steps are: –

  • Learn
  • Implement
  • Blog
  • Consult
  • Mentor
  • Start a Startup



Learn a new skill. Like I am learning Digital Marketing.



Put your skills to work. Implement what you have learned.



Write what you have understood by learning and implementing.

Your content will be unique when you add your personal touch or your experience.



Now, as you have experience, you can stop working and start consulting 1 to 1.



Mentor other people who would want to become like you. Mentoring is consulting to a group.



Now, as you have mentored, consulted, you have enough work experience to start your own business.


Thank you for reading.

Comment below if you want more content on Digital Marketing. Bye!!