Get your Business Rolling Online without having a Website

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Life has changed in the Covid tremendously. Even before Covid, people bought things online but after Covid, buying things online has become a routine.

People are habituated to buying things online and the online market has seen a sudden boom that will never return to normal.

Even though many businesses in India are starting to adapt to the Online Boom, many businesses haven’t started adapting to Online Marketing.

This is because people think that if you’re getting your business online, the business must require a website.

And the fear of handling Hosting, Domains, designing websites and pages comes into their mind.

Another reason is that the cost of having a website is not free.

As you have seen in the title, you may have already understood that we are going to break the Online = Website Mindset.


Do you need a Website?


I don’t say that having a website is not at all required, a website gives you an edge over your competitor who has no website.

But even without websites, you can build your online presence or web presence.

If you have the opportunity to have a website for your business, I do recommend that you have a website as you have full control over your website.

This may be a little confusing, let me explain in real-world terms.

Having a website is like having your own shop on your own building and land.

Owning the building gives you much more authority over the building, but it also comes with a cost involved.

But having your shop in a rented place, like a complex gives you more capital to work on but the owner of the complex may move you out anytime.

Without having a website is also like the above given example but it has no rent, it is free to do unless you go for some complex stuff.

There are various ways to get to the customer’s eyeballs without having a website and that is what we would be seeing in this blog.


Social Media

Social Media

Social Medias like Instagram, Facebook is very helpful in getting your web presence.

Reports say that people trusted businesses that had Social Media Accounts and transacted 15 – 25% more than the average store which didn’t have any Social Media Account.

There are tons and tons of Social Media out there, but when coming to business, I think Facebook and Instagram are more than enough as each Platform has over 100 crore users.

These platforms are widely used in India.

Social Media’s were created for people to engage with their friends and families. Then how do you, as a business can get some traction on their platforms.

This leads us to the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media.


Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media


  • Have your business name clearly on your FB Page/Instagram Account.
  • Try to have your profile name simple and easy to remember. Don’t use numbers and underscores in your profile.

For Example, if your business name is XYZ, try to get a profile name like XYZ but don’t get profile names like xyz123.

  • Have a Clear Description of who you are and what business you are in. Also, ask them to DM you to get the list of services you provide.
  • Then, engage your customers as if they are in your shop.
  • Have a clear logo on your profile picture
  • Post Photos of your business. If you have a bakery, post photos of cakes, bread, cookies, and whatever you make. Also, post customer feedback and if you can, ask them to take a video of their feedback.
  • Use Local Hashtags on Instagram to get discovered by people in your area.
  • Invite your friends and family to like your FB page and Instagram Account. This will help more people to discover your page.

These tips are more than enough for Social Media. Let’s move onto the next part of the blog.


Moving to WhatsApp Business


Many businesses have already moved to WhatsApp Business but still, there are businesses that have not.

According to Forbes India and E marketer, India has the highest number of active WhatsApp users in the world-beating USA and China in 2020.

India has a whopping total of 39 crore people in 2020. Source: Forbes India.

Then why shouldn’t you as a business take WhatsApp to take orders?

Many Restaurants, Saloons, Grocery Shops use WhatsApp business to take orders and book appointments.

When customers don’t come to you, go where they spend their time.

And the best thing is that WhatsApp Business is Free.

You can create a catalog for your business with your price range.

Your catalog works as your menu.

This helps your customer to go through your menu 24 X 7


Create your listing on online directories

Google Search Results

Have you heard about Yellow Pages? Previously, people used to search for businesses in Yellow Pages.

Now, what we do is we approach search engines like Google and search the term for what we want.

For example, if I am hungry and I want to order some food. I will go to Google or any other search engine and search for the term “Restaurants near me”.

Google finds my location using GPS and gives me the results of restaurants within 5 km from my location.

Then, I will pick the restaurant which I want from the results which Google itself gives and the websites which rank in front.

Search Results

Now, let’s not go into the website’s part.

Do you know how do these results appear?

These results appear because of the listings of business owners on Google My Business.

It is like buying a space on Yellow Pages, but for Google My Business, it is free.

As Google has almost 91% market share in search engines, your potential customers can see your business on Google Listing, Read Reviews and also call you or take a map from the extension.


How to Create a Google My Business Listing?


Click here to create a new business listing at Google my Business.

You will see a screen similar to this

Business Profile

Fill in the necessary details in Google My Business. The questions will change according to the business category you choose.

You will also get a postcard with a verification code from Google for verifying your address.

In Google My Business, you can ask customers to rate your service/work and upload pictures of your business.

This way, it will improve your possibility of being shown to your potential customers.

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