What the Duck is Bitcoin?

Many of us in India do not know what exactly is Bitcoin and the technology behind it. This confusion also prevents many of us to invest in Bitcoin. After reading this article, you will know what exactly is Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency The technology behind Bitcoin What is...

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How to Develop Habits and Skills Easily?

We all want to develop new habits or skills for upgrading ourselves. But developing a new habit or skill is hard when there is no pressure from the outside. For a take, Let’s say you want to stop junk food. There is no compulsion. And when a friend calls you for...

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Who is Vathsan 2.0

The Year 2025 While people at the age of 17 ask parents for money, here is a guy who earns crores working in his comfortable home office. Vathsan is a Digital Entrepreneur, Avid Reader, Passionate Blogger and Writer, helping small businesses scale faster with the...

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About Vathsan

Vathsan is a 13 year old interested in helping everyone become successful according to their own measures of success.

Vathsan writes about Mind, Life Skills, and Digital Marketing. He is also a young author. He wrote a book named, “Winning Mantras”.

For the welfare of all people, he has given his book on his blog for free. Vathsan finds his happiness in helping people to be successful.