About Me

Welcome to Focons!

I am glad to introduce myself.  My name is Vathsan and I am 13 years old.

A School topper and a Rank holder in Olympiad Exams (Maths, Science & English) for the past 5 consecutive years.

I have a great passion for writing and my Parents suggested to start a website which would empower a lot of people in the world to choose the right path of their life.

A couple of my articles is published in Times NIE (Newspaper in Education) India Edition.

I also have authored a book, “Winning Mantras” in which I share the wealth of knowledge that I gained by reading books, blog post, reflecting, applying and fine – tuning them.

That is why I named the book Winning Mantras. They are the mantras that could make anyone successful if followed religiously.

If you were to buy this book from Amazon it would cost you Rs.149 + Shipping but if you want a free eCopy of Winning Mantras, you can click here to get it.

Our Story

Everyone wants to be successful. But not everyone are not resourceful.

There is no escape saying that there are lack of resources.

Once in a while, there was lack of information.

Now, the problem is not with lack of information but the new problem that rose during the rapid globalization is abundance of information.

People are given with plenty options which makes them confused and they don’t move at all.

I want information to be organized so that anyone who wants to be successful could approach this blog and consume content

Be ready to receive some great content on the blog.

Objective of Focons

Helping You Explore, Grow, & Learn

We want everyone to be successful but that doesn’t mean everyone has the same definition to success.

Everyone is unique. So, is their definition of success.

Focons will provide you content that makes you go out of your boundaries, explore new options that are available in the world and make use of the options to your advantage

There is only One Obstacle in your life and that is you